Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Year

I haven't posted for awhile. I have plenty of things I could review, have an opinion about. I just haven't gotten around to it.

But I do have this little bee in my bonnet about something I've been itching to post about. Most of you that know me, know I love a good deal. But, I'm also realistic. I DO watch those women with envy in front of me in the grocery store line with 3 bags of groceries, a million coupons, and a bill total of something absurd like 27 cents. I also know, I just don't have that in me. I do clip coupons. And I do go out of my way to buy things that are on sale, but unfortunately, I have a fulltime job, and a 20 month old, and I just can't be that intense. But I do pride myself on things like: stocking up on Annie's Mac and Cheese for 50 cents a box a few months ago. Or, scouring the internet to save an extra $5. And, as my friends like to tease me about: Reusing ziplock bags. I seriously NEVER have to buy them!

But, what I CAN do is find amazing deals. Little bits here and there. This isn't going to become a 'deal blog,' but, I am trying to keep track of what kinds of deals I find, and keep track of what I saved. I told husband this can be our 'fun' money. I will try to report monthly what I've found. I have a few ground rules:
1. Its not savings if I wouldn't have bought it anyway. Things like diapers I have to buy no matter what they cost, so when I find a great deal on these, it counts.
2. I don't count 'sales' like, "Gee, I got 25 cents off my can of tomatoes at the grocery store!" Everyone did. Don't get too excited.
3. These rules may be broken. :)

So, without further ado, here's what I've saved this month.
-$40 on diapers.
I ordered two packages of diapers on amazon (where I currently buy all diapers) List price is $40.88 (23 cents each). With amazon Mom, coupons from magazines and coupons from Amazon, I paid about $18 per pack, bringing them down to about 1o cents each.
- $10 on dog food
By registering at, they sent me a coupon. I was expecting something like $1 off, but imagine my surprise at finding a $10 coupon in my mail box!
- $12 on Cliff Kids Fruit Snacks
Again, with the AmazonMom. I'm a bit obsessed. This is an amazing deal, though, since these things are like $1/ea at the grocery store, and I indulge my daughter in these. Rather, I indulge myself, as these are special snacks for times when I really want to keep her busy. :) She loves them! And, I got a box of 24 for $12!
-$10 at Target
Using a combination of coupons they mail me because I caved and got their debit card, and the 5% savings everytime I use it. I bought groceries, so my bill was over $100. I'm counting this one because hey, I want to prove to myself that debit card is worth least its not a credit card. We continue to not actually own one. I have one in my wallet. My mom insists I have one for 'emergencies' Yes, I am 27 years old and my mother still took it upon herself to send me a credit card with my name on it. But, I digress.
-$5 on wine
This is a rough estimate, but one I'm also going to claim because I'm awfully proud of myself for actually using those coupons on the back of grocery receipts for 20% off wine at the liquor store I shop at anyway. Please don't calculate how much that means I SPENT on wine. We'll just go with the savings. I am in my first month of this little project and have saved: $78!!
This does not include any Ebates I've earned...maybe next month I'll track those, too.

What do you do to cut corners, money-wise? Any tips that don't involve buying 5 Sunday papers and stacking coupons in separate transactions are appreciated!

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