Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Do you ever feel like a bad Mommy? My week has been rough. I've always thought I'd be that Mom whose house all the kids hang out at, and I'd open my screen door to a nice front porch while wearing an apron, welcoming the children in with warm cookies on a platter, a la 1950. So far, life seems to have other plans. I am still working fulltime, and despite my best efforts to keep that little fantasy alive, I have slip ups. They're hard for me to admit. And, I KNOW they're little things. Things that probably don't matter in the long run, but they matter to me.

So, I started off the week forgetting it was Valentine's Day. We had to stop at Walgreens on the way to daycare, and I frantically filled out valentines for the kids. I imagined myself and daughter sitting at our table coloring home-made valentines. Sitting in the car with a ballpoint pen and $2 box of Hello Kitty 3-color paperboard valentines isn't exactly what I had in mind. Daughter, never ceasing to surprise me, though, yelled KITTY! KITTY! upon seeing them and was thrilled that I let her have one of her very own while I filled out the rest for the kids at daycare. Maybe that wasn't so bad?

Then, today, Tuesday...(its only Tuesday!?) I started the morning logging into work while daughter was eating breakfast. I had to do my timesheet, which was actually due on Monday. I tried to fill it out while fielding nutella-covered fingers away from the laptop. This resulted in me spending 30 minutes filling it out, only realize I coded all time to the wrong week. Another 30 minutes deleting said information, and I was a wreck. I brought daughter upstairs to dad, where she promptly cried for 10 straight minutes despite the fact he was holding her.

Do you ever wonder if its just not worth it? The work thing. I don't want to be the Mom that fills out valentines in the parking lot and is short with a toddler because she just wants my attention, but I'm preoccupied with work. But, both my parents worked. I loved my babysitter, but she wasn't my mom. I've been so torn lately.

I saw a friend opened a photography business. Her pictures are amazing! I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Maybe I should open a photography business! Wait, I don't have a camera. Or a portfolio. But, its a nice dream. Maybe I could do photography while wearing an apron?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Year

I haven't posted for awhile. I have plenty of things I could review, have an opinion about. I just haven't gotten around to it.

But I do have this little bee in my bonnet about something I've been itching to post about. Most of you that know me, know I love a good deal. But, I'm also realistic. I DO watch those women with envy in front of me in the grocery store line with 3 bags of groceries, a million coupons, and a bill total of something absurd like 27 cents. I also know, I just don't have that in me. I do clip coupons. And I do go out of my way to buy things that are on sale, but unfortunately, I have a fulltime job, and a 20 month old, and I just can't be that intense. But I do pride myself on things like: stocking up on Annie's Mac and Cheese for 50 cents a box a few months ago. Or, scouring the internet to save an extra $5. And, as my friends like to tease me about: Reusing ziplock bags. I seriously NEVER have to buy them!

But, what I CAN do is find amazing deals. Little bits here and there. This isn't going to become a 'deal blog,' but, I am trying to keep track of what kinds of deals I find, and keep track of what I saved. I told husband this can be our 'fun' money. I will try to report monthly what I've found. I have a few ground rules:
1. Its not savings if I wouldn't have bought it anyway. Things like diapers I have to buy no matter what they cost, so when I find a great deal on these, it counts.
2. I don't count 'sales' like, "Gee, I got 25 cents off my can of tomatoes at the grocery store!" Everyone did. Don't get too excited.
3. These rules may be broken. :)

So, without further ado, here's what I've saved this month.
-$40 on diapers.
I ordered two packages of diapers on amazon (where I currently buy all diapers) List price is $40.88 (23 cents each). With amazon Mom, coupons from magazines and coupons from Amazon, I paid about $18 per pack, bringing them down to about 1o cents each.
- $10 on dog food
By registering at Nutro.com, they sent me a coupon. I was expecting something like $1 off, but imagine my surprise at finding a $10 coupon in my mail box!
- $12 on Cliff Kids Fruit Snacks
Again, with the AmazonMom. I'm a bit obsessed. This is an amazing deal, though, since these things are like $1/ea at the grocery store, and I indulge my daughter in these. Rather, I indulge myself, as these are special snacks for times when I really want to keep her busy. :) She loves them! And, I got a box of 24 for $12!
-$10 at Target
Using a combination of coupons they mail me because I caved and got their debit card, and the 5% savings everytime I use it. I bought groceries, so my bill was over $100. I'm counting this one because hey, I want to prove to myself that debit card is worth it...at least its not a credit card. We continue to not actually own one. I have one in my wallet. My mom insists I have one for 'emergencies' Yes, I am 27 years old and my mother still took it upon herself to send me a credit card with my name on it. But, I digress.
-$5 on wine
This is a rough estimate, but one I'm also going to claim because I'm awfully proud of myself for actually using those coupons on the back of grocery receipts for 20% off wine at the liquor store I shop at anyway. Please don't calculate how much that means I SPENT on wine. We'll just go with the savings.

So...here I am in my first month of this little project and have saved: $78!!
This does not include any Ebates I've earned...maybe next month I'll track those, too.

What do you do to cut corners, money-wise? Any tips that don't involve buying 5 Sunday papers and stacking coupons in separate transactions are appreciated!