Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot Sling

If you're into baby wearing, a sling is a must have. We have the standard bjorn, and I debated something else...something more snuggly. I hadn't quite decided yet when we received the hot sling for a gift. Perfect, I though...decision made! Not so fast.

This sling serves its purpose. It holds baby. It works well for a bigger baby, it was ok for a smaller baby. I was able to breastfeed while wearing this sling on numerous occasions. I do love this sling for travel. Its easy to pack, great for use in airports, after stroller has been checked, or when baby is just sick of the stroller, etc. It just wasn't my favorite piece of baby gear. I've already decided next baby, a new sling is one of the few things we'll buy. For me, this sling was just ok. Maybe a 5/10.

-Easy to pack. Just one small-ish piece of fabric. Can fold up small enough to keep in diaper bag at all times.
-Very cute
-Able to breastfeed while wearing a smaller baby with little concern for modesty. Also, hands free!
-Seems comfy for baby, includes 'leg padding' which adds minimal bulk, but more comfy for baby, especially in hip-carry position.
-Works well for a hip-carry of an older baby.

-A bit difficult to get baby in/out by yourself
-One size does not fit all. These come in sizes. Which means, only I can wear this. Husband would need a separate one.
-It came with an instructional video. Really? I don't have time for that. I want to read a quick instruction booklet and be on my way.

It does make holding baby for long periods of time MUCH MUCH easier...Note the chaos this picture captures. :)